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Geosystems, L.P. is a small, independent consultancy offering technical, advisory, and managerial services in the specialty geotechnical aspects of the civil, mining, and tunneling engineering. Geosystems, L.P. was, until July 1, 2000 known as ECO Geosystems, which was formed by its President, Dr. Bruce, in May 1996. It has worked on projects throughout the United States, Canada and also in Europe, South America, South Africa, the Middle East, Australia, New Zealand, and Southeast Asia. Geosystems L.P. is also heavily involved in teaching and technology transfer, via its links with various universities and professional trade organizations on the one hand, and innovative and challenging projects on the other.  Since formation, Geosystems L.P. has successfully completed almost 2,000 projects and assignments, the majority of which have dealt with dam and levee remediation, deep foundations, quarries, mines and tunnels.  The clients for these projects include Owners (and in particular Federal agencies), Contractors, Consultants and Attorneys.

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